MagicERP is  ERP hosting Service which Provides Odoo hosting  (previously OpenERP).

Ours ERP hosting facility& service short-cuts the way to a complete ERP solution without having to go through complicated steps of installation and configuration of Odoo server and customization of its modules. It will just let MagicERP do all of that for you easily and smoothly without errors. The deployment of Oodo hosting service will be done in a highly secure stable environment with continuous monitoring.

The installation of whole Odoo will be done in minutes and immediately you will have the full control of it without hassles or user access restrictions since you don't need to pay per user. You only pay according to the resources your Odoo instance uses on our servers. Although the whole installation will be done by our hosting services it's still yours. You can install whichever version of Odoo you want, apply any customization, install custom modules or even modify its source code and access directly to your database.