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Customer Services Quality training Course

On Tuesday 23-December 2014,  at  Sudatel Academy, a training course of Customer Services quality has been Closed after 3 dayes of training,  During which the trainees have received excellent doses in the quality of customer service. Under the supervision of the Jordanian coach Muqtadir Jalal.  At the closing ceremony, both marketing manager of Sudatel Academy and the SMTC manager Mr. Aamir Abboh have talked abut the Training course and its high quality training content that has been took place during the training. Dr Galal, the trainer in turn, and with high pleasure, has thanked both Sudatel and SMTC for their valuable chance that he found and good welcoming, and promised to give more and more of his time and his knowledge to Sudanese whenever requested.

DRA Trainings: 

On 23-September a training couse of (Identify needs and measure the return from training) has been accomplished by SMTC under the supervision of Ministry of Technology Development and Capacity Building (Osman Ahmed Fadul Wash) and the Sponsorship of DRA President Dr. El-Tigani Cici. The training course has targeted all the training managers of darfur states, HR development managers, Organization planning managers fo the DRA and the five Darfur states